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Rate Letter

Dear Neighbor:
Greetings! With another summer coming to a close, we hope it was filled with wonderful
As an update to my letter in July regarding a potential rate adjustment, the Koontz Lake Regional
Sewer District board unanimously adopted a rate amendment in our meeting Tuesday, September
20. As a result, residential users will see an increase in monthly charges beginning January 1,
2023 to $60 per month. There are also a few other rate adjustments that can be found in the full
amendment found on our website and in the attached ordinance.
During the first 10 years of operation, the monthly service rate remained unchanged at $55.02.
Your board effectively managed the operation, along with our partners at JPR and Astbury, while
creating a reserve for needed improvements. As we prepare for the next 10 years of operation,
we have several capital improvement projects that require our attention to ensure the efficient
operation of the wastewater plant and the grinder station at your home. The total anticipated
investment of these projects is more than $1.5 million, which depletes our reserve fund.
Per Indiana Code, you, as a homeowner within the district, have rights associated with this rate
adjustment should you care to exercise them. Those rights can be found in the attached
document, which also outlines the timing and procedures for action.
Thank you for your continued support of Koontz Lake and the District’s work to provide a safe
and effective wastewater system.
Jeff Jarnecke
Board President
Attachments (Amended Rate Ordinance and Indiana Code)