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Section 2.4 Rate Surcharges Information

We have a few questions/concerns about Section 2.4 Rate Surcharges
in our Rate Ordinance 2022-A posted on the KLRSD website. Folks
are concerned that they could be charged additional fees due to
“stronger-than-normal” waste strength.
There is no reason for concern because by definition “normal
domestic sewage” is normal waste strength.

Section 2.4 is written into the Rate Ordinance to protect the District in
the event of a Commercial, Governmental, Institutional or Industrial
user that might possibly generate waste other than “normal domestic

A case in point is Swan Lake Resort, a large commercial user. We
monitor their waste flow and have on occasion found that they
exceeded our limits. On those occasions they were charged
surcharges as specified in the ordinance. Our treatment plant is
capable of handling these instances but our operator needs to be
aware of all conditions.

In 10 years of operation, the District has not had an occasion to
question the strength of any residential waste. However, it would not
be impossible for our operator to alert us to a suspicious residential
user if they found something abnormal with the contents of a grinder
pit. In that case, we would be required to investigate and/or monitor
for the protection of the treatment system. But again, this would be a
very unique and unusual situation.

Please rest assured, if your residence is producing “normal waste’
you have no concern about “stronger-than-normal” surcharges.